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Sky, coast and mountain merging. Caught in what it now is unable to do, what it had been meant to do. Coppery innards reflecting the gr...

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Dirthamen by Inugami-of-the-Woods Dirthamen :iconinugami-of-the-woods:Inugami-of-the-Woods 4 0
Kinder Surprise
Alatir looked out of the window, watching  the children play in the garden, unseen guarded by spells woven into the walls, and by the  caretakers who went after their daily tasks.
Just then a silvery chiming sound  dragged him out of his musings and he went to take the cauldron from the stove, extinguishing the magical flame.
This was still a task he wanted to do on his own, maybe because it gave him peace and quietness.
Even after all this time with Dorian, getting much more social, he needed those moments for himself, brooding over his thoughts.
When the dark amber liquid had been filled evenly into the phioles, he no longer had any reason to stay up in his laboratory. During the hours he had barricaded himself up there, the yearning had grown  to see the two loves of his life again.
Not that it curbed the same desire that grew again over time, to  give himself some solitude.
It was like the tides of the sea, tied together, one following the other.
Sealing th
:iconinugami-of-the-woods:Inugami-of-the-Woods 0 0
Fur and fire
Dauntless puppy,
true shadow.
Teasing gaur,
hidden beast.
Acting whelp,
speaking wolf.
Dragon in disguise.
:iconinugami-of-the-woods:Inugami-of-the-Woods 1 0
Mature content
Winters breath Part two, deaths offer :iconinugami-of-the-woods:Inugami-of-the-Woods 0 0
Mature content
Winters breath Part one, the act of dying :iconinugami-of-the-woods:Inugami-of-the-Woods 0 0
Summer bringer
Roaring, rearing up.
A deep rumble reaching to the bone.
Blessed, healing warmth, spreading.
Curling whisps of heat, liquid bliss.
Warmth of the softest fur,
weary souls nestling, resting.
Unleashed power, hidden behind the veil.
Thundering heat turned pleasant.
Springs emerald and amethyst,
fragile greens gaining strength.
Reaching for the warmth,
reaching for the sun.
Prowling great cat, rumbling.
Copper red and golden yellow,
slinking, tinkling with silvery blue.
Streaks of lavish greens,
swaying softly within.
On the horizon they meet.
Soft pads touching water.
Light tinkle of cloven hooves.
Brushing against each other.
Summer has come.
:iconinugami-of-the-woods:Inugami-of-the-Woods 0 0
On the waters edge
Pitter patter
Nights breath condensing on foliage.
Soft hum of a waking morning.
Liquid crystals rolling, falling, dripping.
Taste of ice in the wind,
whispering of sunny caresses to come.
Gusts of wind, herding fog along the waters edge.
Playfull curling, rolling, dancing whisps.
Leaves bowing, glistening wet.
Another crystal falling,
splattering on emerald moss.
Water, dark blue, nearly black.
Warmth wandering the horizon.
Pleasing red and orange,
dazzling golden yellow.
A low rumble, warmth spreading.
They meet at the waters edge.
Blue lightening, red darkening.
Sparkling shades of ruby and saphire.
Two sides, endless facetts.
A new day blooms.
:iconinugami-of-the-woods:Inugami-of-the-Woods 0 0
Mature content
The love of an owner :iconinugami-of-the-woods:Inugami-of-the-Woods 0 0
Mature content
Wandering soul :iconinugami-of-the-woods:Inugami-of-the-Woods 0 0
Mature content
Bittersweet :iconinugami-of-the-woods:Inugami-of-the-Woods 1 0
I never
I never will know how you feel.
Never will I be able to exactly know.
Your sadness, your tears.
The hurt and loneliness.
I never will know what you have gone through.
Never will I know.
Never will I be able to completely understand your joy and fear.
How could I dare to compare your experiences to mine.
How would I be able to say, they are the same?
Never will I know how it felt compared to mine.
A word, an act barely making me blink,
Maybe the same would have make you sink..
..down in despair.
Were you wounds worse than mine, or just the same?
Has your world sunk with lost love,
Or has it burnt to ashes?
The ridicule and hate, because of your race.
The colour of your skin, the blemishes you wear.
Scars of honour, medals earned the hard way.
That limp in your step,  the way you look not right enough for them.
Never will you tell me every horror you have undergone.
Never would you need to,
…but you can.
For I never will ever know, not being you.
For I am me.
Two eggs in the s
:iconinugami-of-the-woods:Inugami-of-the-Woods 0 0
Mature content
The path of the warrior :iconinugami-of-the-woods:Inugami-of-the-Woods 0 0
Silence, drifting, chest barely moved by breaths.
Blood rushing through their vessel, a churning rivers murmur.
Peace, quiet, floating, a body vanishing.
Nothing and everything, just be.
Moving while laying still.
Seeing with eyes closed.
Tasting air like fine wine, vibrating fibers.
Colourfull strands of the ethereal cloth.
Voiceless voices, everything sings.
The universal song of AUM.
All fullfilling, drowning, carrying, nourishing.
Touching, fibres bending, winding, nudging.
Everchanging forms of light and sound.
Delicious nothingness.
An everlasting thirst quenched, filled by the void.
Hunger, a prancing beast, pacified.
Wishes ceasing to exist.
To be or not to be is no more a question.
A taste of eternal rest.
Slivers of eternity.
I am.
:iconinugami-of-the-woods:Inugami-of-the-Woods 0 0
Dancer of the Void
Dancer of the void, bard of old times long forgotten.
Dreams are not meant to be photographic, only to the one whom they matter most.
Diffuse fragments, taking form in thoughts.
Imagination the host of spirits.
Don´t ask letters to be coloured after your fashion, for they would not be letters then.
Don´t ask a breath to turn into a storm, for they are merely the beat of a butterflys wings.
If you want to turn the desert into bloom and space inhabitated by whales, be the god of your own creation.
Ask not of me to paint the basic fabric, for the colours are your own.
Ask of me to built a castle out of sand, it would crumble to dust under my touch.
But take the sand which I offer openly out of my hands, and you will built a universe of your own.
For there I am only the one who watches and the one who speaks, in the end I am forgotten while your self prevails.
Plead with me to offer you something, or are you daring to force me to, then everything vanishes.
So take what there is t
:iconinugami-of-the-woods:Inugami-of-the-Woods 0 0
Mature content
The Guardian of the Sea of Trees :iconinugami-of-the-woods:Inugami-of-the-Woods 1 0


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